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'Disguise/Stealth' Plugin Idea/Request

8o8 Designs

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-=Plugin Idea=-

Certain vanilla AIO armour sets provide stealth (until you shoot/attack) when around npc's that use the same armour. 

Armour sets: Blue & Green Scientist suit, Heavy suit, Bandit suit.

So for example! I use bots to protect an area/monument. These wear a Scientist or Bandit suit and will be hostile. These suits will be a very rare drop on the bots and provide stealth if used to enter the area, but if you shoot/attack the stealth is broken and the usual vanilla cooldown activates. It would probably be useless on Vanilla, but awesome for modded servers that use Bots/NPC's etc.

Is this a good idea? Is this even possible? Let me know your thoughts 👍

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