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Looking for Custom Menu (Paid)


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Hope you are all doing well! This is my first topic and I'm looking for a developer who can create a custom Welcome menu with tabs like Servers, Kits(Umod Kits), Shop(Depends on ServerRewards), Wipe Schedule, and Leaderboard.

As you can see, I'm talking about a private plugin currently in high demand.

I'm looking for something similar like what's in the pictures below:

20210412052720_1.thumb.jpg.3bb4095d9da1f10a27bb7a33d9c9d8d8.jpg  20210412052727_1.thumb.jpg.2144d7fe42609f9a38b87d2ed8f784db.jpg

20210412052743_1.thumb.jpg.00c7ac3c62ccb257ecf0db01defbb533.jpg  20210412052833_1.thumb.jpg.d683bc1470773e17da376010e28a1789.jpg

20210412052841_1.thumb.jpg.c1f0808cab7fc8666b1e4bd0b1decd9f.jpg  20210412052849_1.thumb.jpg.36cb1273cbff68af3802e8efeeb05133.jpg

Well, all is said. By the way! I speak French and I can also speak English 😄 - So if interested contact me on my Discord: jaymofficiel#9278

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