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Travis Butts - Custom Plugins

Billy Joe

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Hello CodeFling,


My name is Travis Butts, I have recently joined CodeFling and have been working on a few plugins but would also love to do some custom work for those who seek an idea they need help to create. For those wondering, I came from Arma 3 working on life mods, and recently started developing rust plugins around 2 years ago off and on. I have worked on two big projects, Rust Takeover and Rust Life. Rust Takeover was a very big PvP event that allowed 5 teams of 4 players to go head to head to see the last team standing. Rust Life was a project I was working on to bring Arma 3 Life to rust, I unfortunately was unable to finish the project but have hopes to go back on that in the future. I will show some of my work for those down below, and if you are interested in using me feel free to contact me on discord for price and the plugin you are looking for.


My Discord: Travis Butts#7706








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