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PS. I have tried adding you on discord but your username Travis Butts#7706 was not working.

Hello my name is Rony and I am so pleased to have found you. I have been working on a unique Rust mod using various plugins meshed together to create a Team Survival game mode using mainly the Arena plugin by k1lly0u.


The name of the mod is Runaway Ravine. It is essentially a remake of a game I used to play called Tactical Intervention which is a car chase Counter Terrorists vs Terrorists. At the beginning of each round every player gets a randomized modular car and guns and the chase begins to stop the terrorists from reaching to the red card room at the top of the mountain. If the terrorists make it to the top of the mountain first they win. 


At several check points there is loot trucks with HV rockets to add to the mayhem. Car Drive-by shootings and rocket pvp blowing cars up integrated with tactical strategy and action movie like gameplay. Truly a unique and fun experience.


So far, thanks to many of the plugins provided to me on uMod meshed together with Arena plugin I was able to accomplish this.


However, ever since the recent Rust updates with the new “knocked” system how team players can crawl on the floor and be revived, everything started bugging out much more than before. 


A few things are needed to fully have this game playable on a server and host hundreds of Rust players to play it. 


Everything is setup already however I am running into the following issues:


Sometimes when a player dies, the Arena plugin takes you to a spectate screen and then never begins the next round. Then sometimes players will freeze in lobby in “sleep” mode and when they tried to spawn they are unable to move or enter the next event game until they type kill in console, leave event, disconnect server and come back.


I am willing to pay any developer to help me finalize these fixes to the Team Survival mode of the Arena plugin provided by k1lly0u.


Please let me know if anyone can help bring my dream to reality and play the most awesome mod to ever exist on Rust.



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