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Vehicle Plugin Idea/Request

8o8 Designs

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I have an idea for a vehicle plugin. Hopefully one of you gifted plugin developers will get behind it.
I think it could potentially spark a whole new game mode/genre for rust plugins & creations.

Here it goes!

Core Plugin features

  • Create vehicle profiles
  • Create vehicle spawn points
  • Create timed events
  • Attach players HP to the vehicles HP (Vehicle dies, player dies. Also lock players to a vehicle so you cant eject))
  • Rewards for winner(s)

Plugin Addons/Game modes

  • Vehicle Deathmatch/FFA
  • Vehicle Team Deathmatch
  • Destruction Derby Racing (inc. Creating grid start points and finish line/checkpoint to count laps)

Any suggestions on other features are very much welcome, just chuck them in the comments 👍

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