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Custom Made Plugin for Rust! Paying for it for sure! Need an experienced DEV!


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Hello, i am an admin of a little community that is focusing on a noobfriendly enviroment for the players. I already made the rules and the setting of the server towards being noobfriendly but i am desperately searching for a Plugin Developer that could develop a custom Plugin for me!

What i Basically would need is a „Base Blueprint“-Plugin. Players could choose a base from a Menu with Categories of Various Bases and place the First Foundation. The Step by Step guide can then be activated with aiming with a tool (Garrys Mod Gun for exampe) on the First Foundation to mark it and then it show where you have to place the next building entity. 

As i really want this plugin to be made i am writing to some Developers if one of them could make my dream of that plugin come true!

I hope you can help me! Thank you for your time!

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