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Hello good after noon, You may of read my posts or discussions on elsewhere for seeking developers i am currently nearly done to be launching my project for a digital company,

However, we still need few tasks once you or other individuals want to take on these tasks/projects we can have more in-dept talk about specific information. Here are the tasks, A sever menu, this menu will welcome the player once they join or later once they type specific commands in the chat. A menu that will cover Kits that are in that current server which they can claim and see their next cool down for it, Market place if that server has one, Most importantly a Leader-board where they can see top ranked players and their own individual statistics.

Secondly something a lot of developers did mention to me that there are some free plugins out there that i can use that will give slightly what i want to achieve but i am seeking for a customly made plugin. ( ps a very experienced dev was working on this project but due to some irl issues he had to stop ) A plugin that can be classed as a tournament plugin ( Plugin that scores up players activity whilst playing the game pve/pvp obviously it has more in-dept but i would like to speak and explain on private messages if you are willing to take this comission

Thirdly, I also need someone to finish and finalize our tebex store as it is 80% finished. Please do contact me on discord RAZOR#0001 If you can't message my inbox on discord leave a comment on here to prevent wasting time i ll get back to you a s a p.

Message #request-a-project

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