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Looking for experienced plugin developer for multiple plugins


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Hi devs,

I'm looking for a developer to build a set of plugins for a server. I have a concrete vision of what I want and I know it is achievable, since the majority can be accomplished by either tweaking existing plugins or using current plugins as a template/reference. I have reached 80% completion myself with tutorials before giving up due to the updating required to maintain unused portions of plugins and the spaghetti code I made that makes it impossible to debug. I just don't have the expertise and experience.

- The budget will be around $2000 for plugins. 
- Dev to be compensated at $40-$70 / hr, depending on the efficiency and experience/knowledge. I would prefer if the dev can stream these hours.
- Or, payment will be made at each milestone.
- Required to maintain steady hours, that is set # of hours per day, for a few days per week. This can be flexible.

Scope of work:
- Raidblock system
- Team limits
- Resource multiplier
- Teleport function
- In game events eg. https://youtu.be/D7SeWw-8lPE
- Payment system with SQL user db for cross server use (Payment button working on a blank index.html on front end)
- Kit system integrated with payment system

Comprehensive list of requirements to be provided. Developer experience will be crucial in getting these plugins streamlined to work together. Should be well versed in C#, SQL, basic HTML, and of course Umod API.

Serious inquiries only please.



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