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Rust AI (gpt and local models automated support)


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I've been working on a automated support system using LLM's.

It works by detecting wakewords in the conversation and replying to the messages based on a system prompt.
I'm using a very simple prompt for this demonstration, just the wipe dates, times and links to website and discord.
As wakewords I use Admin, Wipe, Help, etc. (case insensitive). They can be anywhere in the activation sentence.
When is wipe? or, Wipe is today? will both activate the response.

This video is from the discord log channel, also showing the cpu use of the local model (it's a different machine than the server itself)
You can use GPT models just the same with an OpenAI key.

It has global and per player cooldowns to avoid spam and overwhelming the model.

It also supports special characters for responses in any language.

Let me know what you think if you test it!

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