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Dont know if these are possible but ......


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11 minutes ago, OldRusty said:

Im looking for a plugin that will allow players to build on railway flatbed train truck, in the air and underwater are any of these possible? and how much would the cost me?

Thanks in advance.

Old Rusty.

In terms of a railway flatbed train truck (I'll be honest here I have not the slightest idea what exactly you mean, so I'll assume a moving train car entity), things like deployables can be placed and all that, though not too sure about actual buildings in terms of a full blown base.
Building in the air and underwater have been done, but not in a sense that it's feasible for a regular player to utilize (referring to a very specific admin tool plugin that is found elsewhere that I will not name).

Albeit, I'm sure a feasible method could be found.

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