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Plugin Idea: Self Destruct bases


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I'm not aware of such plugin but I believe it would be useful and fun for servers with high pop/entities.

Overview: Button in TC to set off a timer before the base is removed. When the time limit is reached, the base is efficiently (x amount of entities per frame) removed. The idea is to make raiding fun but also clear up entities of a base rather than waiting hours for it to decay. Server loves it, players love it (unless they got raided).

Details: Clans/Teams/Individuals, majority owner(s) of a base (if player matches TC owner) are marked as the owner. Clans/Teams/Individuals come along, manage to destroy the TC and place their own. When placed, an option appears in the TC to "Self Destruct". When clicked a timer is set off which gives anyone else 1 hour (as an example) to reclaim the base and place their own TC. If they don't, it's marked for deletion.

Some simple messages such as "You were raided by x and your base was destroyed" when they log in or when in-game. Perhaps some other features too..


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