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21 minutes ago, BeePssY said:

is there a plugin or command to make it move more items and make it work faster?

Do you mean the industrial conveyer system? I found this article that gives a few admin convars you can try to mess with: https://rust.facepunch.com/news/industrial-update


Limitations and Server options

To maintain server performance there are several limitations to prevent Industrial networks from becoming too out of control. There is a hardcoded 16 container input/output limit for each conveyor. This means that as well as the max depth limitation of regular IO, a conveyor will only be able to see the first 16 containers it encounters in the input/output network.

There is also a hardcoded limit on how many items in a stack a Conveyor can move in a single tick - 32. If a stack has a count higher than this it will be moved gradually over several ticks.

We will evaluate these restrictions in the future once we get more of a sense of how these tools are being used in the real world.

There are also several convars to control the speed and efficiency of industrial systems:

  • server.conveyorMoveFrequency - How often conveyors attempt a move (default 5s)
  • server.industrialCrafterFrequency - How often crafters attempt to craft something (default 5s)
  • server.maxItemStacksMovedPerTickIndustrial - How many whole stacks a conveyor can move in a single tick (default 12)


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