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After downloading the plugin, head to the folder YouRustServer\oxide\plugin and drag the Trivia.cs file inside.
Once your server is running, you should be able to see Loaded plugin Trivia v1.X.X by Disguise in the command panel.

Players can earn RPs with the plugin ServerRewards and any items from the game.
Server owners are given the option to use ServerRewards / ItemRewards (built-in) or both.

How to configure? Below you can see an example snippet from the config file.

"Rewards type (Check Documentation)": 1,
  "Item Rewards": {
    "[EASY] Rewards list": {
      "scrap": 100,
      "stones": 1000,
      "wood": 1000
    "[MEDIUM] Rewards list": {
      "scrap": 300,
      "stones": 3000,
      "wood": 3000
    "[HARD] Rewards list": {
      "scrap": 500,
      "stones": 5000,
      "wood": 5000
  "ServerRewards": {
    "[EASY] RP list": [
    "[MEDIUM] RP list": [
    "[HARD] RP list": [

"Rewards type"
0 - Use Item Rewards only
1 - Use ServerRewards only
2 - Use both (one will be selected randomly)

"Item Rewards"
In this section, you can specify what and how many items should a player get for answering correctly based on the difficulty of the question.
You can find the shortnames here.

In this section, you can specify how many RPs should a player get for answering correctly based on the difficulty of the question.
You'll need ServerRewards for that.

Both "Item Rewards" & "ServerRewards" rewards are being randomly selected.

For example

"[EASY] RP list": [

...means that 1, 3 or 5 RPs will be added to the player's balance when correctly answered on an easy quesiton.

With timers you can configure how long the trivia games should last.
Below, you can see the "Timers" from the config file.

  "Timers": {
    "Frequency of automated games (minutes)": 30,
    "Announcement time (seconds)": 10,
    "Answer time (seconds)": 10

"Frequency of automated games (minutes)"
When a trivia game ends, it starts a count-down and pushes the new one, when the timer ran out. (loops)

"Announcement time (seconds)"
It pushes an announcement to notify players seconds before a trivia game.

"Answer time (seconds)"
When the trivia question has been asked, it starts a count-down. Players are only able to answer in this specified time limit.

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