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Raidable Bases is one of the most known and successful plugin among Rust server owners.
Little did they know, that the first-ever version was released back on 03/03/2020 and gained huge popularity in a month on the website called uMod (~1,000 downloads), thanks to nivex’s reputation and uniqueness.

Today on codefling.com it’s at the TOP-3 of the most sold plugins, with more than 10,000 downloads & 411 followers!

☞ Before we write about the plugin and its features, let’s see a little story behind it! ☜
I asked nivex the following questions:

Why is it so popular?


     Well I've a good reputation that I've spent many years building and maintaining while helping the community. I worked with over 30 server owners in my discord at the time that helped me come up with ideas and test them to develop the plugin.

     This is way before it became popular for developers to create their own discords. I got some backlash for doing that, but people quickly realized that they had nothing to worry about. I stayed just as active everywhere as I had before. I showed them that [it] doesn't have to be the case. That they can co-exist, but unfortunately with other developers, this went south pretty quickly.
Soon after many people split off and it became a d*ck measuring contest from there on out.
The plugin reached 1k downloads within the first month if I recall correctly, and had 1500 downloads for version 1.4.2 alone.

What inspired the plugin?


     There were several alternatives.
The public versions were severely lacking, with some having almost non-existent support, and most simply required too much time and effort to maintain.

     I don’t want to go into details but server owners grew tired of this nonsense really fast and complaints were everywhere about it. So I thought I'd make a free version, and while it would be difficult to set up, you'd only have to do it once instead of for every base and during every wipe. Automate it all instead!

☞ Now that we know why it was made and what inspired nivex, we can continue it with the features! ☜


     With a complex and advanced plugin like that, we sure know that we have to spend a little more time than usual to set it up in our favor, but the results will be worth it!
Raidable Bases features more than 370 possible settings in its configuration file, that first can be seen to be overwhelming, but at a second glance it’s more clear to someone who just bought the plugin!
And if you’re the type of guy, who has no time to set up a plugin for their server, then you can choose between 3 tiers made by nivex, for an easier installation!

What are the key features that make it pop out?

  • Loot settings
    Server owners can configure what items should be spawned inside each difficulty level and how should they be spawned.
  • Raid management
    Server owners can change the behavior of the raidable bases. (Ex.: Block use of ladders)
  • Time of event
    Server owners can decide on what day of the week should bases spawn and where.
  • NPCs and behavior
    NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) can be spawned at any raidable base, and server owners can change their health, damage, attire, spawn point, aggression, range, and many more!


☞ And these are just a few of the 40+ categories that we can change! ☜
For more detailed information, you may check out this video.


     If you’re a server owner or an admin reading this article, or just someone who’s interested in the world of plugins,
you should know why we recommend this plugin and write about it as a perfect example.

     First of all, there are too many servers for the Rust player base. A huge amount of new servers are closed only after a month of running because they lack players.
They lack players because of the monotone gameplay and the small number of interesting encounters with other players.
Numerous servers are running big (in some cases custom) maps. The world is too big for players to find each other, resulting in boredom and no activity at all.
With Raidable Bases, this can be solved!
     Empty spaces on maps are filled in, and encourage players to engage with one another. And it’s not limited to only one type of server!
It’s suitable for any PvP, PvE, PvZ, or role-play server. If you don’t believe it, then you should know that there are more than 70 reviews at the moment with an average of 4.99/5.00 ⭐

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