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Zone Popup Message (Or Chat Message)


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I have a PVP zone within my PVE server; players can go here and 1v1, build a base to be raided by other players, etc. However I want a little more of a warning than just the typical Zone Manager message when they enter so they understand THEY are responsible for what happens.

I'd love it if there was an announcement box that would pop up on the screen when you enter a PVP zone (using Zone Manager) or in the Chat, it says something about "Entering this PVP zone means your body becomes lootable. Staff have no involvement if you lose your stuff; etc etc." Of course editable.

Few things I'd like in terms of functionality:

• Box pops up once they walk into the zone

• This box is could be similar to Welcome Panel, or /info where I can add some text into it; ie: PVP rules and warnings. Not exact but same "popup" appearance.

• Can adjust the background and such, be transparent, colored, etc.

• Have a "CLOSE" button for a player to close it or possibly the ability to click outside the box for it to close.

• Can reopen this panel by doing a command like /pvp or something that can be set. 

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