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RustPlus CMS [construction phase]


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RustPlus CMS Construction Phase



RustPlus CMS is a web application specially designed for server owners. With this application, server owners can easily provide their members with various structures such as information sharing, store sales, and leadership rankings.

This application is a php-based internet management website software and provides all the necessary tools to increase interaction on the server, strengthen the community, and manage the server VIP economy. Server owners can track events on their servers, provide competition and rewards among members, and manage server store operations through RustPlus Web.

RustPlus Web has a user-friendly interface, making it easily accessible to server owners and members without requiring any technical knowledge. Additionally, the application's fast and reliable operation facilitates community building by increasing interaction on the server.

In conclusion, RustPlus Web is a php-based web application that provides a useful and practical tool for server owners and members. It is an ideal tool for managing server economy, tracking leadership rankings, and facilitating store sales.




* The sales version is still under development and improvements, and it will be completed and released as soon as possible. *




ember theme


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31.03.2023 - #devblog

Before a special infrastructure work, we integrate the Rust CMS theme into the ember structure. In the specified version, you will be able to easily install it and offer your players a unique pleasure.






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