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I am new to c# but i can do some basic stuff for your server and also i have been working on server configurations, optimization and map making since 2 years .

If you are looking for an admin to manage stuff or you need a server to be configured or optimized you can shoot me a pm.

If you want to see my previous work you can dm me on discord : Qube#9311

Thank you

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Update Regarding this post.

I am getting lot of DMs about server management. Here are some details about the process

1) I can build a rust server based on ideas you give me [ You should be particular about it don't just say create a 10x server or create a server like Rust.gg 10x etc ]
2) I can create modded server or vanilla based on your requirements and can configure any plugin if you want me do it individually. [ Both Oxide and Carbon ]
3) I can also do a Server logo , Banner [ Static and Animated ] , Full discord Setup with Logs , Bots and Wipe announcements and all other Rust Discord Stuff
4) Server Management [ Discord Server Manager , Rust Wipes and Plugin Updates ]
Monday - 2 
Tuesday - 1
Wednesday - 0
Thursday - 3 [Full]
Friday - 0
Saturday - 2 
Sunday - 1
Here are the number of servers i will be wiping on the days. Make sure you check the list before asking me wipe on those days.
5) Can Optimize the server if its lagging and will teach you how to manage the server and what it takes to grow based on my experience.

Bonus Perk : I will create your server logo , banner , discord based on your server theme [ Example : Server name is Beach Rust then the whole server will be based Beach and Coast Theme ( The colours , Images , and Animations etc..) ]

I don't if I can post my test server IP here or no. So if you want to join my test server and see my work can DM me on Discord for IP.

Discord : Qube#9311

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