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Paying for a quality map mod - please read details!


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I am looking for a mod which removes the map and replaces it with a blank "sketch pad" in which players can draw their own maps. I dont know how difficult this would be to create, but I may be willing to exclude any features that may be more work than it's worth. Requested features:

A player can draw, edit, and save their "map."

A player can share their drawing with teammates. 

Does not show a player's location.

Optional toggle on/off grid.

Multiple colors, opacity, and line thickness options. 


If anyone would like to make something like this I will pay, and I am also interested in hearing any other features that someone might think would also fit with the mod. 

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Don't think it's possible. I may be wrong, but remember that the plugins on the server have VERY limited effect on the player's UI. What may be possible is a plugin that displays an overlay OVER the regular map, and there may be a way to add a player defined image to that. Just not sure if one could DRAW that image.

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