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It doesn't work for me

Closed 1.0.3

if the electrical isn't working its your version of rustedit dll on the server and also you have to remove the water topology, both ocean and offshore as well as oceanside, the editor misses it sometimes so just make sure they are removed and it will work fine, and the electrical is purely a wrong version of the oxide rustedit file


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most times electrical or things are missing is generally just a missing file or old version, so any prefabs you find in the future that should help with that and just make sure any water stuff you buy or run you double check the topology, the editor used to apply those better back a couple versions ago and seems to be not applying properly lately i have had to redo quite a bit myself so i just make it a todo item before i wrap up and double check those topologies. hopefully that helps

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gonna close this but feel free to let me know how you make out once you update the server and change the topology. should have you running smoothly once you do

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