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Pending 2.1.7

Not sure if I'm miss understanding this, but does this mean we can set up a custom monument area for the bots to spawn in? If so, how? Or is this to purely set spawns at an existing monument up?

I have a map with a heap ton of custom monuments, but can't seem to find any details on this command. All the command errors gives me is the following:

[BotSpawn] Parent monument RangerHQ does not exist for custom profile RangerHQ



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Yes - BotSpawn detects monuments and creates default profiles for you to use,
but you can also create custom locations anywhere you like using the chat commands `/botspawn add`.

The Parent_Monument feature is there for cases when you want a custom profile but you want to it to be 'paired' with an existing monument.
Say, for example, you want 10 bots at the Dome, use the Dome profile,
but if you want an additional single boss npc at the dome with different health/kits etc, create a custom profile then set "ParentMonument": "The Dome 0".

The name under Parent_Monument *must* be copy/paste of an existing monument in the default file.

That way, even if you change the map, that custom profile will stay where you placed it, relative to the Dome.

Custom Monument (RustEdit) locations aren't detected by BotSpawn so if you want profiles at those you'd have to move them manually each wipe.
There's a command for that to.

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