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Unable to spawn any bots, Your Help is greatly appreciated.

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I pulled all the bot files off the server after Umod went crazy, I downloaded the bot spawn from this site Uploaded it O.reload BotSpawn and zippo, so I modified the not the first data file in groupe of three but the middle one made sure that True is enable and x amount in daytime spawn and Nighttime spawn. saved the file, O.Reload still no spawn. If someone could assist me that would be great Thanks in Advance

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Are you watching server console or Rcon as you reload?
If there was any mistake made in one of the config/data files spawning wouldn't happen, but console would at least throw some error to tell you something's wrong.

Also if there was any other issue like no navmesh found, console/rcon should tell you.

If there's no error then certainly setting AutoSpawn true and population (day+night) > 0, then reloading BotSpawn, should have spawned npcs.
If you enabled biome profiles you'd need to wait a few seconds, or minutes...Longer for more npcs.
All other profiles, apart from airdrop, should start spawning instantly.
If you're testing with Airfield make sure you didn't do Airdrop by mistake.


'bots.count' console command is useful for proving whether or not npcs have spawned.

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[BotSpawn] There are no spawned npcs

[BotSpawn] There are no spawned npcs


looking outside of the game into the console that what it says 

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