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Closed 1.17.0

      "Enabled craft?": true,
      "Image": "image url",
      "Description": [
        "Craft requires:",
        "- Gears (5 pcs)",
        "- Road Signs (5 pcs)",
        "- Metal (2000 pcs)"
      "Command for give": "givevip",
      "Permission for craft": "crafts.all",
      "DisplayName": "VIP 7D",
      "Shortname": "",
      "Skin": 0,
      "Type (Item/Command/Vehicle/Recycler)": "Command",
      "Prefab (for Vehicle)": "",
      "Command on give": "addgroup %steamid% vip 7d",
      "Workbench Level": 2,
      "Distance Check": true,
      "Distance": 1.5,
      "Place the ground": true,
      "Place the structure": true,
      "Items For Craft": [
          "Shortname": "gears",
          "Amount": 5,
          "Skin": 0
          "Shortname": "roadsigns",
          "Amount": 5,
          "Skin": 0
          "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
          "Amount": 2000,
          "Skin": 0
      "For Modular Car": null


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