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issues with map

Closed 1.5

Everything looks beautiful, just running into a few issues.


Scientist are shooting Heavy scientists in monuments. Any way to fix?


Also Bradley keeps getting stuck at the monuments. Anyway to fix?

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Good morning Ryan!

Thank you so much!

_ About the scientists, I voluntary added two different scientists to add some life and warn players about their presence. If it's an issue I don't mind to change this feature and one have one type of scientists so they won't shoot at each other.

_ About the tank. The HDRP modified the monuments and messed up the path of the tank. I do apology for this issue.

Please let me know as soon as possible about the scientists feature so I can release a patch today so you can upload on your server tomorrow.



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Hey thanks for replying so fast, put the server up last night as a PVE server with raidable bases and ppl are already enjoying it. And that would be awesome, all one scientists wouldnt be a bad idea.

Also lmk if I can help with a new nav path for the tanks 🙂

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Hey Ryan! I released the 1.6 version. I changed the NPCs at Central. Now there are only regular scientists. The Bradly's path at Central and at the Harbor has been corrected. And I add a bit more loot on the side of the roads.


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Enjoy the map and if you have any question you can also reach me on my Discord or Twitter. The links are in the description. Also if you could rate my map based on your experience it would help greatly 🤗

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