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Biome Spawns Not working?

Closed 2.1.6

Can I spawn Scientists at Monuments AND murderers in the wild in each biome? or is it one or the other? Worked when I had the night zombies plugin loaded but now that the night zombie data and jsons are gone, the biome spawns don't seem to work. I have used multiple spawn amounts per biome to test but have had none spawn when i adjust the time of day to one hour prior to spawn time, wait the hour for them to start spawning as they should - bot.count shows 125+ bots alive (those are just the scientists i have at monuments) the number does not increase when the murderers are set to spawn. Had them spawning at night last night but today, nothing 😕 

default-DefaultProfiles.json BotSpawn.json

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Fixed as of 15:17 EST.


biome spawns are dependant on autospawn: true 

This line is critical for ANY spawns - scientists AND murderers.

Murderers: true 

This line only specifies the type of NPC


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Looks like you got this sorted - Yes - "AutoSpawn" true is required for any profile you want to spawn automatically.

Each profile can be set to spawn murderers, or scientists, so yes, you could have Scientists spawning at monuments and Murderers spawning in Biomes. 🙂

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