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Can't Reproduce 2.2.76

Please attach the config.  It should be picking the one with the largest multiplier.  Which groups is the person in?  I will try to reproduce this.

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It should not random it should be picking the larger value.

You have not told me the groups the person is in.  Please turn on logging and send me the file so I can see the randomness.

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On 6/10/2021 at 4:40 AM, jason54 said:

try with any grade that uses a multiplier

Do you have some logs for me to check?  What groups was the person in so I can exactly reproduce this bug please.

You are not provided what is needed to debug this.  Also if it is kill there are factors like distance, weapon etc.

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I gave myself all the groups in the config.  I spawned 20 bears.  killed them all, $350 per bear, zero variance.  Without a log I can't help you.

You need to take into consideration weapon, distance, etc. as they can multiply things.

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