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headshot weapon list

Closed 2.1.6

hi, i've curently got my setup like this

      "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [

but bows don't seem to work. they are listed multiple times because it's not super clear how they are supposed to listed, i couldn't find any items with .entity on the end on this page - https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/

anyway, my question is how can i set a wildcard? i've tried "*" and "*.entity", but neither seem to work. want it to headshot only will kill them. thanks.

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with underscore instead of period?

the description page says 

["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity" ], for many.

is there a wildcard or way to add each without typing each weapon out?


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that didn't seem to work unfortunatley. i tried it these two ways.

      "Die_Instantly_From_Headshot": true,
      "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [


      "Die_Instantly_From_Headshot": true,
      "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [],

no bueno.

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