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botspawn not seeing kits

Closed 2.1.0


I have tried with the free (umod) and paid versions of Kits.

I cannot get the bots to use kits anymore.

sample oxide output here.

| [BotSpawn] Kit spermkit1 has no items in belt - Spawning default Scientist.

this was working before the Rust Car Update

do you have any suggestions?


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As far as I know Kits are working fine right now.
BotSpawn uses the free version from uMod so stick with that.

I'd empty your entire inventory and redeem one of the problem kits, so you can be 100% sure it has a valid weapon in the belt.

Most likely the kit has been emptied somehow.

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thanks Steamaroo - i just deleted all configs for kits and bots and restarted using the free version - thanks for the steer and keep up the good work.

Really good plugin

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