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Is it possible that resources are only available in the TC?


How do I set the loot so that there are max 100 scraps in the base? I have it like that:

    "shortname": "scrap",
    "amount": 100,
    "skin": 0,
    "amountMin": 25

but sometimes there are over 100 in it.

I change the loot in Difficulty_Loot or Base_Loot?

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All resources go in the TC by default (Move Resources Into Tool Cupboard). If you have resources in other containers then you need to update the package.

Yes, remove the scrap from the other loot tables

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Like I said, it is that way by default. You can ONLY put resources in a TC. If you don't want a specific resource going in the TC then you must block it in this list of the config file: Resources Not Moved To Cupboards

Either file. Base Loot is set to always spawn. Difficulty Loot is set to randomly spawn. So if you want it to always spawn then you would remove it from Difficulty Loot, otherwise you would remove it from Base Loot.

The documentation explains all of this already. You need to read it so you can better understand how the plugin works.

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