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Stash not generating ?

Can't Reproduce 1.2.81

This plugin is great and was working for a while but now it has stopped generating stashes.

I can place one manually and it shows and announces to discord.

This error is in console.

[Stash warning system] Additional text found in JSON string after finishing deserializing object.

Might be my config... will test with a new one.


Errrk.... my config. sorry for the confusion

Edited by King Zog
Additional info

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Can you give me more information regarding your config?

When exactly did it stop generating stashes?

Does it print in your logs that it placed stashes? 

Did you wait for it to first generate a spawn file for your map?

Are you using procgen maps or prebuilt?

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Sorry, just saw this.

I just redid the config. Works fine now.

I use procgen maps.

Just had the same thing happen when I upgraded today but deleting and redoing the config file worked again. 

All good. Thanks

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