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Closed 2.0.9

Just installed update 2.0.9. BotSpawn working but bots not fighting back. I'm using my old default profile (default-DefaultProfiles.json), is that causing this problem? Also, should I fully uninstall BotSpawn (manually remove entire footprint) before reinstalling it? If I should remove everything can I still copy/paste in my old default profile?

Thanks again ...


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No, there's no need to delete anything to update. Just drop the new .cs file in to your /oxide/plugins folder.


There's a few reasons they may not fight back. They could be peacekeepers and you have no weapon, or you're in vanish maybe?

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Thanks for the quick reply. It's much appreciated. Also, thank you very much for this excellent Rust plugin. Being an old programmer from eons ago (pascal, fortran, cobal) I understand fully how much you had to work on and perfect this module.

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