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Rate question

Pending 1.1.3

What exactly does this mean?  Is this a percentage?  Can we get more options?


Max_Range_Coin": 0.1, "Max_Range_RP": 0.1, "Min_Range_Coin": 0.01, "Min_Range_RP": 0.01,

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This text was created using the translation tool (DeepL).

Max_Range_Coin". 0.1, "Max_Range_RP": 0.1, "Min_Range_Coin": 0.01, "Min_Range_RP": 0.01,

That's right, it's a percentage.
Max_Range_Coin": 0.1, 
"Min_Range_Coin": 0.01
If set up this way, when a player dies, this random value of 0.01 to 0.1 will be calculated.
For example, if 0.05 is calculated and the player's balance(economics) is 10,000, then
10,000-(10,000 * 0.05)=9,500
Thus, the player's balance would be 9,500.

Coin = Economics
RP = Server Rewards
This will be applied to the respective balances.
We may change the term "Coin" in the next update as we feel it is confusing.

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So 0.1 = 10% and 0.01 = 1% ???  If you could spell it out would be nice.  Trying to get it set it up so it does not take all the RP/Money from players  🙂  

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That's right.

Set it to 1 if you want to take all the money away from the user, otherwise set it to less than 1.

1.0 = 100% (ALL)

0.1 = 10%

0.01 = 1% 


It is recommended to replace ver.1.1.3 with ver.1.2.0 because it had a bug that it could not load the configuration properly.

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