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Zone removes after o.reload *

Closed 1.0.4 1.0.5

Hello i set up my zone, but everytime i use o.reload * while working with server it's being removed and need to set it up every time. 

Btw is there an option to use it with copy / paste ? I dont know how to load zone from ZoneManager so i can use it's settings after wipe


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It should recreate the zone on loading and increment the zone number... should.. I'll drop it back onto my dev system and have a look.

Possible that since publishing Zonemanager updated and broke it 😛

Are you getting any errors or spam in console when reloading etc? just so i can narrow down any possible fault

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I wasn't checking console i guess there were no errors. It just simply remove SpawnPoint.0 zone and i have to create new via commands. 


I reloaded only StartingPoint plugin few minutes ago and it didnt remove zone. But all flags from Zone Manager are gone and need to be set up 


Also i had autokit set to true, and its not working on my safezone spawn.  On random map spawns it worked

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okay... i think it about time i gave it a little rewrite anyway so i shall have a play and see what i can come up with to make things smoother and flag retaining

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oh.... heres a thought.... if your doing o.reload * could it be that starting point is loading before zonemanager... could you just test by doing
o.reload *
then check if zone exists
o.reload StartingPoint
and check if it exists..
it may just be that i need to add a timer to the reload

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Hello im soory You had to wait so long for respond i was a bit busy other stuff.


So today o.reload !

+ Zone has not been removed - perfect.

- Zone lost all flags set up in Zone Manager ( Safezone, loot etc ) alot of them. Need to be setup after server restart or o.reload *

- Trying to edit zone (SpawnPoint.0) got respond "Error getting zone object with ID: StartPoint.0 " need to reload to make it work.

- Zone has added flags but they are not working sometimes.

zones bug.jpg



I guess the best way i just to setup starting point without creating a zone automatically, so zone can be created in zone manager with no issues.

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you need to define the flags you want in the config of Starting point, as on reload it kills the zone and recreates it to the config value.. 

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