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radiation skill bug / idea maintenance skill

Closed 1.3.0

Good evening,

Radiation Expert-BUG (Medical Skill Tree)

I've tested the "Radiation Expert" skill to get more radiation protection but it don't work. I've checked it without clothes and also with a little bit. It seems that the bonus has no effect at all on the radiation protection. I always got damage, so the required protection of the different radiation zones was never reached.

idea maintenance skill (Combat Skill Tree)

We used this ability and just found out that it only affects the damage of the players. Many servers like us use the betternpc plugin, unfortunately npc damage has no effect on the skill. The equipment gets exactly the same amount of damage without and with the skill bonus. Would it be possible to also include the NPC damage?


Thanks in advance! 🙂

best regards


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Hey the Radiation expert perk doesn't add additional rad resistance, it simply reduces the incoming damage from radiation. If your rad stack was to tick for 0.2 damage and you had the 50% reduction, it would only tick for 1. If you had it at 100%, then you would never accumulate radiation as it would be removed each damage tick.

The maintenance skill is agnostic to any type of source as it runs in the OnLoseCondition hook. This hook is fired whenever it loses condition. If condition is being lost from a source, then it may be forcing the condition loss via another plugin that doesn't trigger this hook.

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