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level requirement?

Closed 1.3.0

Is it possible to have a level requirement to add a point to a skill? like a custom skill but have a requirement so for example I've got 200 lvls on my server but at lvl 100 you can add a one shot kill permission used with plugin lethalheadshots?

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Hey mate, so one way you could handle this is:

  • Enable permission based trees, so players require permissions to see each tree.
  • Assign permissions to the default oxide group for each default tree so the players can see them.
  • Create a new tree in the config and call it whatever you want. Add a node in at level 1 that will provide the user with the permission. Do not give permission for players to see this tree. See my video if you need help with this.
  • Go to the leveling rewards section of your config and add in the desired level, and add a command that fires off a permission to give the player access to the new tree you just created when they achieve that level.


    "List of rewards the player receives based on level": {
      "100": {
        "List of commands and chat messages that the player receives when reaching the specified level [Left = command. Right = Private message to player]. {id} = steam ID. {name} == name.": {
          "o.grant user {id} skilltree.mytreenamehere": "You have unlocked the <insert name here> skill tree and can now learn on shot kill."
        "List of commands that are fired off when the player data is reset": [
          "o.revoke user {id} skilltree.mytreenamehere"


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Yes that could work. but i wish they could see the tree so they are intrigued to level quicker.
Il try to add it later today. Btw What video are you referring to?

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