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Conflict between normal and instanced excavator

Closed 2.3.0 2.3.2

Hello again,

So I identified an issue with the excavator (so my previous ticket hypothesis was false).
When you start the excavator in normal mode (not instanced). So you put some diesel, you select a ressource. When the fuel tank is empty the excavator stops as intended.
But after that is you start the plugin (or restart it after a config modification) it will start in 'forced mode' and continue to grind the ressource without any fuel needed.
The container and the ressources are not accessible until they are full and 'dump' the overflow outside.

If you need I can come on discord and show you the exact way to reproduce that.

Any ideas to stop that ?


Thank you 🙂

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Hey. I know what you mean,
But if you want to enable the instanced excavator then it means that you don't want to use the default one, so why there is a problem with default one?
Maybe i don;'t understand your problem.

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I don't know why but it seem the "normal" excavator is already set on HQM selection.
So when I reload the plugin it starts the excavator "in forced mode" so no fuel is required.
It's not a problem until the normal output container is full (you can't directly access it because the instanced container overrides it).
I'm not sure if I'm clear.

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The problem with overflowing default container should be fixed.
Sorry for long waiting.

If something will still happen, please post update here.
Have fun!

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