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Closed 2.5.5

}, "AutoMod Settings":
{ "Mute on 2 warning points":
{ "PointTrigger": 0,
"ExecuteCommand": "mute {0} {1}",
"ClearPointsOnTrigger": false

I dont want my players muted! how do i turn this off as i am testing this on myself and now im muted but i go to unmute and it says im not muted! And when you are muted you can no longer use commands either>?

PointTrigger 0, does this disable it?

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I was tesing this out and i have perm muted myself !!! and now i cant unmute myself>? any help on this please?

I have gone to my console and did unmute asbo and it says that i am not currently muted.

i deleted the data folder for the smartwarnings 

and the server restart but i just cant seem to get myself to be able to use the chat command.

Any idea's?


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It can happen if you run other plugins that override the default mute command. Try unloading all plugins (o.unload *) and unmute "steamid"

then load them back again and execute the same command.



The SmartWarnings plugin does not perform any logic inside of it to mute, it is simply executing the command, so this is not caused by the plugin.

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Yeah i understand that i was just asking if you encountered it whilst creating this plugin! Thanks
I will be sure to find the problem I installed BCM so i feel this is the plugin causing my issue.

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[DiscordMessages] Failed! Discord responded with code: 400. Plugin: Unknown Plugin
{"content": ["Must be 2000 or fewer in length."]}

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