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NPCLoot Not Working

Closed 1.2.0

I've installed the mod, restarted the server, and still cannot use "/nlsettings" as permission is required.  NPCLoot does not appear in the permission manager, nor does nlsettings exist as a permission when added in RCON.

What am I missing?



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Yep, it's there...

 Listing 18 plugins:
  01 "Backpacks" (3.9.0) by WhiteThunder (0.74s) - Backpacks.cs
  02 "BetterLoot" (3.5.8) by Tryhard & Khan (17.25s) - BetterLoot.cs
  03 "BetterNpc" (1.1.8) by KpucTaJl (0.64s) - BetterNpc.cs
  04 "Loot Bouncer" (1.0.9) by Sorrow/Arainrr (0.71s) - LootBouncer.cs
  05 "MeteorEvent" (1.2.11) by ThePitereq (6.20s) - MeteorEvent.cs
  06 "NPCKits" (1.1.6) by Steenamaroo (4.15s) - NPCKits.cs
  07 "NPCLoot" (1.2.0) by AhigaO#4485 (0.28s) - NPCLoot.cs
  08 "NpcSpawn" (2.4.8) by KpucTaJl (13.83s) - NpcSpawn.cs
  09 "PermissionsManager" (2.0.7) by Steenamaroo (0.35s) - PermissionsManager.cs
  10 "Pets" (0.6.5) by Nogrod/k1lly0u (58.39s) - Pets.cs
  11 "Recycle Manager" (2.0.3) by WhiteThunder (0.06s) - RecycleManager.cs
  12 "Scheduled Messages" (1.2.0) by gunman435 (0.00s) - ScheduledMessages.cs
  13 "Sort Button" (2.0.2) by [email protected] (0.06s) - SortButton.cs
  14 "Stack Size Controller" (4.1.1) by AnExiledDev (14.63s) - StackSizeController.cs
  15 "TimeOfDay" (2.3.4) by FuJiCuRa (0.00s) - TimeOfDay.cs
  16 "Crafting Controller" (3.2.7) by Whispers88 (0.29s) - CraftingController.cs
  17 "Extended Crafting" (0.3.5) by nivex & judess69er (0.03s) - ExtendedCrafting.cs



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Just figured it out.  The ownerid command in my config file was not working.  Reset it with RCON and it's working.

Thanks for the help,

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