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Having trouble stopping it from blowing up player bases

Closed 1.2.11 1.2.12

"All Meteors - Destory Trees On Impact": true,
"All Meteors - Damage Entities": false,
"All Meteors - Damage Only Unowned Entities": false,
"All Meteors - Damage Players": false,
"All Meteors - Damage Bots": false,
"All Meteors - Kill Meteors On Roads": false,
"All Meteors - Kill Meteors On Rail Tracks": false,

Made a small stone base and put in the TC and stocked it, called a direct metor onto myself, and it all blew up. The config does not seem to stop this at all at the moment. I can't use it like this, i'll have no players left very quickly.

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The problem with blowing up player bases should be fixed.
Sorry for long waiting.

If something will still happen, please post update here.
Have fun!

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