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Problem with FREE

Closed 1.2.15

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Good morning

Since the last update of the plugin, how do we deal with items that we don't want to put up for sale?

Currently it puts FREE

Before, the SELL box was not put when we did not want it by putting 0.0

But now it sets FREE.

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It works fine with this modifications:


#region Sell

if (shopItem.SellPrice > 0.0) SellButtonUi(player, ref container, shopItem);





private void SellButtonUi(BasePlayer player, ref CuiElementContainer container, ShopItem shopItem)

change like this:

container. Add(new CuiLabel
RectTransform =
AnchorMin = "0 0", AnchorMax = "1 1",
OffsetMin = "0 0", OffsetMax = "-10 0"
Text =
Text = Msg(player, ItemPrice, shopItem.SellPrice), // HERE WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED
Align = TextAnchor.MiddleRight,
FontSize = 14,
Color="1 1 1 1"
}, Layer + $".Item.{shopItem.ID}.Sell");

To sum up, if you put 0.0 in the sell in config files, then you might as well make the SELL button disappear in Game.

Players will not sell an item if it does not earn them anything. So they'll throw it on the ground instead of bothering to sell it for 0.
So you might as well make the SELL button disappear if in the config file, Sell=0.0

😉 🙂 😉

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