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No XP earned when crafting with max speed bonus.

Closed 1.2.8

I have a player that is complaining that they aren't gaining any xp when crafting now that they have maxed tier 1 and 2 crafting speed perks. They are saying that the xp gained diminished as the crafting speed perks increased. I have xp gain for crafting set to .5 per craft and when they upgraded to 95% increased crafting speed, they were receiving .03 xp per craft. And then at 100% craft speed, receiving 0xp. I tested this and confirmed it as well. 

Is the xp gain intended to diminish or is this a bug or something that I'm missing in the config? 

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Its an intended feature. The XP is based on the amount of time spent crafting an item. If the craft time is instant, the xp is less.

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