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Shields to every TC

Closed 1.0.3 1.0.4


installed the Plugin. As soon as i spawn a meteorid all TCs get the shield.


  "Minimum meteor spawn interval": 1200,
  "Maximum meteor spawn interval": 3600,
  "Shock Wave Velocity": 0.3,
  "Time to fall of meteorites after the alert": 300,
  "The minimum number of meteorites on the map": 1,
  "The maximum number of meteorites on the map": 1,
  "Meteorite fall speed": 50,
  "Meteor damage modifier": 0.3,
  "Number of explosions per lap": 2,
  "Meteor explosion radius": 30,
  "Meteor shield radius": 80.0,
  "Enable notification of players about an impending meteorite": true,
  "Add meteor shield to every TC on map": false


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