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Repaired Items not useable after unlocking the Skill

Closed 1.2.9


having unlocked the Smithing Skill in the Crafting Skill Tree and then repairing a completly broken Item, e.g. Chainsaw players cant farm with it anymore.

Trees and ores will no longer yield any ressources, but will still be felled or mined.


After respecing and not unlocking the skill and another repairing on the bench the item will work again

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Hi sry for the late response.

The long version of the Bug 🙂

When players have skilled the Blacksmith skill in the build craft Skill Tree and they repair a completly used/destroyed tool, a good example herefore would be the chainsaw, and they repair it on a workbench they cant farm ressources with it. But if you repair a slightly used tool, they can still use the tool for farming and get ressources out of it.

I hope this is detailed enough ? Else just let me know 🙂


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