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Is the a way to make tier 3 combat perks relevant on a PVE server?

Closed 1.2.7

First I wanna say thank you for making great plugins. Everyone seems to really enjoy your Skill Tree, Cooking, and EpicLoot plugins and they are very easy to use from an admin perspective too.

I run a PVE server and the issue I have is that a few people have complained about the Tier 3 perks in the Combat category are all PVP related. This made me wonder if there is a way that I could modify or utilize  these perks for PVE use? 

Bonus question: just wondering if you new of a furnace splitter that works with the skill tree, as obviously different players end up with different smelt rates, etc. due to their skill tree perks?

Any help or insight is appreciated.

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Unfortunately the 3 pvp perks in the combat tree wont have relevance unless you have any form of combat (mini games/arenas etc).


You can replace or remove any of the skills in any of the trees with whatever you want. On the likely chance it exists somewhere else in another tree, it will still stack; just make sure the name of the skill is unique.


SkillTree doesn't set the rate for the split. It will simply rolls a chance each time a piece of wood burns, resulting in it burning an extra ore in each slot.

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