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Why doesn't Better Npc attack ZombieHorde?

Closed 1.1.8



"Can be targeted by other NPCs": true,

"Can target other NPCs": true,

"Can target other NPCs that attack zombies": true,

"Can target NPCs from HumanNPC": true

The ZombieHorde do attack the Better Npc but not the other way around.

How can I make the Better Npc attack the ZombieHorde?.

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Hi, by default, NPCs can't attack other NPCs, but I've made it possible for anyone who wants this to happen. If you need Npcs to be able to fight with other Npcs, then set the value of CanTargetOtherNpc inside the plugin NpcSpawn to true

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Do you mean to change line 1670 to true?

internal bool CanTargetOtherNpc = false;

internal bool CanTargetOtherNpc = true;


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