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Is it possible to use BetterLoot with this plugin?

Closed 1.1.8

I see that the plugin has support for a couple different Loot Table Plugins but I can't figure out how to use the loot tables that I have already setup using BetterLoot. Do I just need to give up and create a custom loot pool in each of my BetterNPC/Monument files?

Is there an easier way? Like can I just setup a simple loot table somewhere that the entire BetterNPC plugin will use?

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So good question. It is a little complicated but I will try not to get too complex about it.

BetterLoot the main thing is this, it does not have NPC loot tables. So to use BetterLoot you would need to have the prefab point to a loot crate that you want to have the same loot for your NPC. This is how you can use BetterLoot with BetterNpc is change the prefab path and have it pull from a desired loot table.

Alternatively there are plugins that can change the loot for all BetterNpc if you were to change the Heavy Scientist loot table, this changes all of the NPCs in BetterNpc to the same loot table at once, but all of them and all NpcSpawn NPCs from the other plugins in the library.

Then thirdly you can also come up with a loot table you want by creating it, then copying and pasting it into each profile. It might seem like the most work but it is my preferred way to be honest.

I hope the explanations and one of those options work well for you.

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I appreciate the response and that makes total sense. I ended up just manually creating the loot pools in all of the data files.

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Nice good call @0athbound not work some people want to do but I pretty much always recommend it when people ask my opinion on what to do.

We are here any time you need it, so you are quite welcome. Thank you for letting us know it's been sorted.

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