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Discord Role assignment - always no permission

Closed 1.3.57


I finally got the plugin working on my hosted server, but I still have a problem with discord role assignment. When I vote, I always get the message "You don't have the permission to vote."

In the config, I have now entered the role name and role ID to test it, but I can't get it to work. The maps for voting are displayed in the Discord as requested, but it is not possible to vote (by clicking on the letter with the options "Map1", "Map2", and so on). What else could be the reason?

I've run out of ideas now.

here is an excerpt of my config:

 "Options": {
    "Enable Discord bot (true/false)": true,
    "Only players with permission MapVoter.Vote can vote (true/false)": true,
    "Log to Discord (true/false)": false,
    "Discord Logs Channel Id": "",
    "Disable UI": false,
  "Discord Settings": {
    "Vote Channel id": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "Create new thread for every vote": true,
    "Discord Apikey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "Discord Command Prefix": "!",
    "Discord Channels": [
        "Discord Channel ID": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "Commands": [
    "Discord Command Role Assignment (Empty = All roles can use command.)": {
      "vote": [
        "Rust Moderator",

The Discord Bot is an admin, in case that matters.

I hope someone here can point me to the solution of the problem.


with best regards

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Thanks for the fast respond!!

I have now created a new role, added only this to the config (with only this role) and reloaded the plugin.
the same as before

I tried the discord command (instead of the link "Map1") and entered it without a map number and got an answer from the bot: Syntax: !vote <map id>
When entering with map number, also the message: "You don't have the permission to vote."

However, I did not abort and restart the map vote itself,  only reloaded the plugin (but should be enough in my opinion).

Any other ideas?
Missing setting/permission on the bot, maybe?

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OK, I've identified the problem.

My discord link plugin was not working properly.

Sorry for that!

So the problem was on my side and after changing the config to: "Only players with permission MapVoter.Vote can vote (true/false)": false," everything now works as desired..

I will now take care of the problem in the other plugin.

Thanks anyway for your effort and time!

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