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Can't seem to get wipe countdown to work

Not a Bug 1.1.4

I have started with a template, added Wipe Timer Countdown and got it working properly. Then added WPWipeCycle.cs to plugins folder and enabled it's use in the Welcome Info config. Got the Timer countdown tab to work and put "Next wipe in {wipecountdown}" in the countdown text line. Now when I go to the wipe schedule tab, it says verbatim "Next wipe in {wipecountdown}" and I can't seem to get it to actually output the countdown. 

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That doesn't help me in any way. Like I said, the very first thing that I did was install the plugin that you just linked and ensure that it was functioning before moving forward with trying to add it to my Welcome Panel (Yes I bought "Welcome Panel Addons" and installed WPWipeCycle.cs as well). I got the entire Wipe Cycle Tab up and Running in it's default state. It's just that {wipecountdown} doesn't work.

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