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rewards for bot killing?

Pending 1.1.7


i have server reward on my server and i see their is an option for reward and xp in the botrespawn files. But nothing is adding to the rewards after killing the bot. what am i doing wrong. as i am a noob. 

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BotReSpawn has built in options for additional plugins - XPerience and RustRewards.
RustRewards is mine, and free. It's a plugin that lets you give out either ServerRewards, Economics, or Scrap, for carrying out various tasks.

If you want to give out ServerRewards currency for killing BotReSpawn npcs, the easiest way is probably to get RustRewards,
set "UseServerRewards": true in the config file,
then in BotReSpawn UI, per profile, adjust the RustRewardsValue in the Death page.

That will let you issue specific amounts of ServerRewards per BotReSpawn npc profile.

If you want the exactly the same amount of SR for every npc regardless of profile, ignore BotReSpawn's RustRewardsValue (leave at 0),

and, instead, just use the RustRewards UI to set Kills>BotReSpawn value - That's a global alternative.


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awesome , does this meen i have to uninstall the server rewards plugin, or is your Rustrewards work hand in hand with server rewards? 

Thank you so much for the quick response thats awesome.

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No, you'd keep ServerRewards.
ServerRewards would be your currency plugin.
My RustRewards plugin is just a go-between that can issue ServerRewards for various tasks or actions.

RustRewards has no currency of its own so it depends on either ServerRewards or Economics or, alternatively, it can just give out scrap.

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Awesome mate. Now my next dumb question is do you know much about streamline servers as i cant figure out how to reload the plug in, with out stopping and restarting the server.  I have watched youtube vids they say use consloe and use o.reload *  .but i am still at a loss.  Love your work but the way . 

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Thank you. 🙂

Yeah, if you're an admin/owner (auth level 2) in game, you can use F1 console to issue server commands,
or you can use the console window in your server host's panel, or an Rcon application/service.

If you have console access via one of those methods, you can reload/unload plugins with

o.reload BotReSpawn

o.unload BotReSpawn

for example.


Using an asterisk will carry out the command for all plugins

o.reload *

This, would reload every plugin on the server.
Probably quite rare that you would want to do that.

You should only need to reload a plugin if you've made manual changes to their configuration files.
With UI controlled plugins like RustRewards and BotReSpawn you shouldn't need to reload the plugin for changes made in UI.

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ah shit i thought it was second lol bet change that then as some are set to 60. thank so much you have made an old auzzie happy. old dog learning new tricks as it were. 

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