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Splitting stacks of EVERYTHING - loss of genes

No Response 2.0.1

  • in Ganja

Hi there, 

We're having a problem, and it seems to be related to this plugin (when we remove Ganja, problem goes away - when we add it back in, it's back).  

When splitting a stack of clones, say, dragging one over, the dropped clone has no properties, same as a clone spawned through the F1 console.  This affects Pumpkins, berries, corn, etc...  

I'm not sure when it started, it took me forever to upgrade to 2.0.1 - I do know this didn't happen with 1.0.4 ...

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Are you using a stack size controller? If thats the case you might want to enable the setting "Disable built-in stack fix (set to true if you have problems with item stacking/splitting)" in the config.

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