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Players are insta killed by "generic" when entering raid bubble

Closed 1.0.5

I purchased the Raidable Bases + Tier 3 package bundle and followed the documentation for setup and config. Got my raids to spawn how I want them with no problem but when myself and other players tested the raids, we are insta killed by NPCs and our own satchels. These deaths show up as being killed by "generic" in the console. I did a test where I disabled NPC spawns on Easy Raid profiles and was killed by "generic" when my own satchel detonated (although I was a safe distance away). The first two satchels detonated normally and the third insta killed me. 

Edit: I just tested a Dangerous Treasures event and those NPCs insta kill players as well, and register as killed by "generic" just like the deaths in Raidable Bases Events. This leads me to believe that the issue is with NPCs but I don't know where it is coming from.

Final Edit/Resolved: This was a very simple fix that has nothing to do with Raidable Bases plugin. I am new to all this so I apologize for the confusion. The issue was that PVE setting was enabled in server config and the resolution was disabling PVE in server config and using a mod like better PVE.



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